Do you mastub? If so, how often?

2021-08-28 01:05:34 AGNES

Only from pure curiosity :)

Question is up. Old and gender would be nice!

Yes I mastubiere, 1-2x on day Choose 50%

Yes I mastubiere, 1-2x in the week Choose 28%

No I can not build choose 13%

Yes I mastubiere (frequency in response) Choose 9%

Yes I mastubiere, 1-2x a month Choose 0%


Hello Discooledude69,

On average, I mask three times a week, sometimes more.

Looking at medically, masturbation has no harmful effects. On the contrary: Regular masturbation is even healthy. It helps u. A. against prostate disorders!

How does it look like?

LG. Widde1985

Male, 36


Not regular, so I can not call you any number. And if, then often more often in a few weeks / days / hours.

male, almost 21 years old.


That's good ... on the WE sometimes more, sometimes less than the week

and you?


3-4 x per week mostly - one feels yes ifIt will be needed again ...


but sometimes only once every two weeks. M / 41.

Do you mastub? If so, how often?