What exactly does the AfD do?

2021-08-28 02:01:55 RANDAL

What is the goal of this party? Unfortunately, I can not understand the scientific bark on the internet. Can someone help me ??


However, there are the only one who denotes a simple and light language as a different point of view.

The AFD is basically criticized for too short, in simple facts.

Please concrete your question. Then maybe I can help you.

The AFD generally wants what the SPD has promised in the 70s and what the CDU has said in the 8oers and not saying later wanted to stand more. You would like to be more modern than other parties in economic issues.


We take the tax plans of the AfD.

The shit people With an annual income of approx. 40,000 euros a tax relief of approx. 21 euros annually.

if a SInglehaushalt earned 300,000 euros, he can calculate the AFD control plans according to a tax savings of approx. 40,000 euros.



A racist party that a dictatorship wants to have Hitler-like trains and wants all migrants out of the country. That's fine.

What exactly does the AfD do?