Why do the Greens lose in the survey values?

2021-08-28 06:03:58 STACEY

The Greens were briefly higher in the surveys than the CDU, but now the survey values ​​are clearly sinking.



I think the internal complications are still damaging you something. In addition, the strength of the Social Democrats.

Nevertheless, you should not yet write off. It is relatively tight, it can change quickly.



Weil is expensive if the Greens may take place.
It also turns to its target group The wealthy ends.
The low-löhners have not expected anything good from their polys.

The results can be seen daily at any gas station, soon on the heating costs and electricity settlement.
This is only the beginning Wherealy, what Greens introduces himself under polys.

Shortly around the Greens are economic titers and socially blind.


LooksBut quite good, if you lose, I do not want to go on vacation with the scooter to Rimini, because we need to cook an extra environment in D.


You have with yours Candidate there is no favor, the negative campaign of other parties is clearly clear and just as well as the Scholz as SPD candidate, which tends to be selectable for Felle Greens sympathizers, in any case eligible, as the slightly better performance is covered.

This summer is not particularly dry, so that you could make a good election campaign with global warming, the flood election campaign is good to use on green side.


The Baerbock is easy To flat over. I had me on red, red,Green was happy. Would have been a big cinema.

Why do the Greens lose in the survey values?