Would you marry a Kurdin / Turkin as a Turk?

2021-08-28 06:05:02 MARION

So in advance I have always had no interest in a Kurdin or a Turkish, although I just heard yourself. I can not do anything with a Kurdin / Turkish .. Never interested. What is this? My parents would like to see a Kurdin / Turkin next to me once as a girlfriend and of course later at the wedding, but I just have zero interest ... no matter how "good" looks like.

I do not know, but do not think so That's why I'm in "those" my cousin or my sister see. It may be?

I had so far only had Polish friends or sometimes a Russian as a girlfriend. I find that somehow much more attractive. I do not want to go into detail now.

Hope you diagnosed with me now no roof damage

WiE is it with you? Will you find your same attractive (origin)?


I find the personally mega superficial ... something would be more likely to marry the deciding basis for me. ... where love falls, I just say. I prefer to draw blonde women when it goes in around the external ... but if the chemistry fits, then I would have nothing to spend with a Kurdin or Whatever a life ... but admittedly but Kurdinin O.Ä , In my living environment strange rather rare. For example, when climbing or hiking, I usually run only Germans about the way.


Yes, I would like to invest a Turkin. Not only because of culture and language (where I value), but also because they are visually the prettiest (if you go to ethnicity),Of course, is a very subjective opinion.

And if you stand on Eastern European looking women, there are also many Turks that look like this? Many karadeizli turques have blond hair, blue eyes, etc.

For Kurdinnen, such characteristics come as far as I know, not so often (could of course be wrong).

Would you marry a Kurdin / Turkin as a Turk?