Afghanistan: Does the letters writer right?

2021-08-28 12:01:23 ADAM

It's about this reader bill from the FAZ:

Yes. Choose 62%

Other answer. Choose 29%

No. CHOOSE 10%


Yes, that is definitely authentic. I have only heard yesterday in a radio interview (HR2 - the day) the representation of an Afghanistan expert who has reported these observations indirectly - but with a slightly further look:

The people in Afghanistan know since the Soviet Invasion nothing but one or the other form of war. This non-life understandably leads to the fact that one turns to the one who can offer the best living conditions for the moment and place. Therefore, the flash-like march of the Taliban.

You have to accept and invoice, but it should not condemn. We in Germany had only from about 1941 in the past 200 years (beginning of BombenangReef) until 1945 war in your own country, soil fighting even about a year. In Afghanistan there has been no peace for 42 years.


In a sense, that is correct.

That the use ends at some point, all parties should have been clear for a long time.

And yes, the place forces were paid for their work.

I also think that it's hard to pull a border.

Who is exactly one of the persons to protect. It's not just about the local helpers yourself. To what extent do you affect your families? Up to what degree of relationship?

What is the extended persons who have been trained as policemen or soldiers? To what extent does the political officer concern more or lessHe had no choice but to work with the foreign troops? Overall, how big should the group of people be drawn?


What's right here? The writer gives his experiences and his assessments again. Which I hold for true.

What he wants to tell me is not clear to me. What did we expect from the town forces to be well exposed and supplied? Selflessness, if you work for a strange power? Am I selfless if I work for my employer? That would be absurd.

Gratitude? Recognition?
Maybe, but benefits are used first. Thank you and acknowledge people rather who are fine. That has something to do with give. They are usually not identicalwith those who have to fight for their livelihood.

Or raises the question of whether the local helpers do not deserve solidarity through their participating character?
Would you have earned more caring, you would have been worse remuning and supplied?
Should we accuse them that they are looking forward to Germany as a rich country?

The question of whether the place helpers have earned asylum is one.
The other one is whether we afford it Can, to embarrass us by hanging allies, is another.

Just because they are allies, they descend rescue. The other Afghans who were unwilling to fight against the Taliban their freedom did not have my pity. Whether one should grant people asylum, the oneStand of the refugee could have been active, I also consider open.


That they all "despise us all the 'despise' is a bit high.

They wonder about much. Why people are neglected (see astern road in Kaiserslautern, see Ahrtal) in favor of strangers.

They wonder how easy you can trick our system if you want.

You wonder that not even offenders are pushed off quickly.

And honestly, I'm wondering about that too.


Although you can not simply dismount the experiences. But not in all, one can be remedied unconditionally. He assumes contempt, says she would never admit it. That means it is more likely to suspecta speculation. By explaining that she would never say that, he already excludes the truth about it in advance. Thus, since he has therefore been confirmed by no one such, it is just his assumption. That's a flat-rate and unproven claim. And I have not heard nowhere told or read that the motive of people had been selflessness and would be reported as romantizing. Only I heard that these plants have found work to provide their families, which is completely legitimate.
However, he does not mention the threat to this "traitors" at all. It is known that these people in the eyes of the Taliban and also of the ISK as collaborators, as a "traitor" apply. The factor fear of your own murder will not be eggNimal mentioned. I'm afraid that the man has little empathy for the auxiliary staff and in turn makes it possible to look through a certain contempt. He has undergone nothing good at them, assumes all purely material interests and leaves the impression that they are all not worthy to give them asylum. ... they should stay there where they are? ...

Addendum: After someone mentioned here that this letters letter has been spread by the AfD district association Coesfeld, the whole thing still gets a certain tasteless. So I change my last sentence that instead of one? there now! belongs. Because it will, as I feared, actually already made mood against Afghans. Why not also with support through a long timeVery well paid ex-colonel.

Afghanistan: Does the letters writer right?