What would you actually do when homosexuality is illegal in Germany?

2021-08-28 12:02:25 LUIS

I personally would be pretty shocked and would find the law bad. But on a long way, it would matter to me, because it does not affect me. I personally am heterosexual. And I generally do not fight against injustices. In Africa eg starving children and of course that's bad, most people here is but pretty much no matter and do nothing because they are not concerned. It would be that way for me even if homosexuality would be illegal.

Would do what, however, (eg demonstration) choose 38%

I would not care choose 24%

would emigrate Choose 11%

would do something else Choose 8%

Would with violence do what Choose 8%

It would be good Choose 5%

I am unsure whether I would do something choose 5%


clearly it sounds selfish. But there are many injustices in the world and in other countries such as North Korea or Iran people are imprisoned and tortured. But that usually nobody interests nobody and no one makes something because it does not affect a simple. Therefore, I hardly think that the homosexuality in Germany will be different. At least for me personally that would not matter and would look away. And you?

So there are very many injustices in the world and we'll be honest, that's the most does not matter and you do not mind. In homosexuality, it is likely to be hardly different.


It just does not just do not affect meHetero bin. But I would be gay I would probably do something about it. But that's not like that.


We say so: it does not affect me, I am a civil engineer and even if I find such a law wrong, I'm bound to the law. In my job, it is essential, as for anyone working with laws, right of justice to separate and accordingly I would personally go very close, but I probably would obviously follow what the law requires me.

I'm not human for violence and demonstrations and I'm sure many of those who now tick 'Demo' would not make it permanent or at most then when it allows time.

I'm just whatThat concerns very pragmatic and adapt me to death. This is not ideal, but it's just the attitude that lives with the longest. With violence against anything is illegal and is punished, that would not be mine.

In short ... I think here is no answer option, except maybe 'would do something else', because it would not certainly not matter to me personally and I would have my opinion and that would be, as long as Freedom of expression still applies, probably just as ... cautiously 'especially' and certainly critically critical what certain laws are concerned, as it is currently here on this site as well.
But I would probably not actively do anything.


I wouldMove me within the framework of Article 20 (4) of the Basic Law:

Against each who undertakes [the constitutional] order [which would be the case in this scenario], all Germans have the right to resist if other remedy is not possible.

It does not always have to remain peaceful, but civil disobedience is not explicitly prohibited by the Basic Law.


I am not gay, but panomantic, asexual and Gender fluid, but if I come together with another gender fluid person, that would be at least homoromancically.

Apart from that, this is completely against human dignity. That's why I would go immediately.


My Morality Supplies Sind very important to me - and that people can deal romantic and sexually in consensus.


I would ultimately do not matter to me because it does not concern me.

I would not be good but I do not do that with some laws. So what Else?

is not my interest area and I am not affected So I do not care.

Just like Afghanistan.

Sounds hard. Fuck it all. I have my own interests.

But I would accept it from this point of view, and of course react accordingly if Hetero would be banned.

What would you actually do when homosexuality is illegal in Germany?