Do I still fit into the Economy Class?

2021-08-28 12:04:36 SHERRI

Hello together. I and 2 friends of mine wanted to fly to Greece (Crete) in the autumn holidays and book now. Alling I am and another very thick, where he has much less on the ribs than me. We are all 16 While he is 183cm and weighs 105kg, the other is 172cm "small" and weighs normal 63kg. On the other hand, I'm 178cm tall and weigh 144kg and wonder if I still take care of a seat and what I should do if not.

I know that it is clearly too much and therefore do not need moral apostles in the answers. Thanks!!. Below are a few pictures to make a picture of my size.


I think you fits pure, but it will not be so comfortable. The flight to Crete does not take so long. Until the autumn holidays, it is also a few weeks, maybe you can take a few kilos.


This is not easy to say because the Economy Class has no solid norm, the seat distances vary only. Maybe you can advise you from the travel provider.


The seats are average 44 cm wide. Some airlines require a reservation for two places. Inform you in advance at the travel agency or the airline like the handling


You can meanwhile Coronabaded the Mittelpl in many airlinesATZ reserve so you do not sit too tight. EUowings costs 9 €. I would urgently recommend that.


In your place, I would have considered concerns. When booking, I would absolutely appeal.

Do I still fit into the Economy Class?