2021-08-28 12:05:21 JILL

I am already 18 and has always been depressed. I am a person who reluctantly talks about his feelings because I do not want me to see me as naive. Lately, I'm really not feeling well and suicidal thoughts that is not really healthy. I am happy in itself, I have the perfect friend who is always there for me. Everything is okay with my family. It's not perfect but I can not complain. I left myself so much, every day I have no desire to get up and wash my face or make something productive. I have to learn for exams but did not start properly and no one is here and would like to encourage me. Otherwise I have to repeat the class and I do not want that. Although I'm scared, I do not start learning. Can you tell me what to do so that I can have my life under control again? Can you motivate me or give a tip? Something, the main thing someone reads my questions here by which I want the only thing I want. Have the feeling I have no strength to tell my fellow human beings what among me.


is the depression diagnosed?

You should definitely turn to a psychotherapist, but it will take a while until you get a place, but there are other offers to look for professional help.

  • If you realize that you are not psychically going well, then you could use your complaints to your family doctor and describe it, he can then transfer you to a psychotherapist, the transfer from your The family doctor is not absolutely necessary, you can also turn to a psychotherapist independently and describe your request.
  • For example, there are also counseling centers, often here are also trained psychotherapists on site and the MitarTeiter are professional, there is also a confidentiality and the consultation is often free.

These consultations can also be very helpful.

  • There are these advisory centers, for example, from Diakonie or Caritas. addresses

https: // Help /

  • Also, there is the number against grief you could use.


  • There are also other offers, such as the crisis chat.

  • There are also counseling centers that you can use online.

I wish you all the best!


Take an appointment with your family doctor and get a bank transfer or go directly to the psychiatrist and discuss it with that. I wish you all the best. :-)