Taliban and Iran?

2021-08-28 12:10:59 ANGEL

Are the Taliban and Iran refine or do you have a good relationship? Can the Taliban be a danger to Iran?


Iran and Afghanistan have a common limit, but does not cooperate. Here everyone has to do with themselves and thus they will go out of their way.


But you will be happy to get along the USA there Are and sure. How it is evolving must be waited because Iran has oil, but the Taliban have no money?

Casey In Iran, you will first be glad that no US soldiers stand in the neighboring country. I do not think that the intersection occurs. The Taliban In Afghanistan myself firstPrior to sufficiently many challenges, Iran continues to focus on Saudi Arabia and Israel, as well as the United States to be graceful. They already have too many opponents, as they are voluntary even more of them would be charged. Apart from that, Afghanistan can be an important land bridge for Iran, if you want to work together with China by Tehran with China and does not want to depend on the sea routes controlled by the USA and their ally. How realistic that is more likely to depend on whether the Taliban turns over because of the Uighurs with Beijing. I do not think the big problems will have each other, but I see too little really much divergent interests .

Taliban and Iran?