Doubts about relationship: envy or warning?

2021-08-28 16:04:12 RONALD

Good evening,

A good friend of mine (30) has been a acquaintance for about a three-year year, from which is currently becoming more. The companies together, often call, look at almost every day. I treat him! I know this woman because it is about in our age and occasionally on parties and concerts was there. She always liked it sympathetic, but also something strange. I know that her father died early and her mother is already dead. She is very nice, but I know she's still a lot of work - we talked about a few years ago, when we drove home from a concert for about an hour alone. Also, I did not have the best childhood and partly similar problems like those of which she has reported to me. She has a gainSen "Mackes" and their way to speak and formulate is very special, but I find them very okay and visually it is pretty.

As far as this now.

Since now now, it has been abandoning that it is now more, his mother seems to tanpore that (living together in a house) and to say that this woman is funny Thoughts had to be careful not to be very close (she is a bit specifically, but not "psycho" and that, however, says his mother) and that his ex, from which he separated in 2018, was much better. He told me relatively insecure and told me, he has seriously feelings and she has her too, but his mother talks her totally Madig and tells him, he should take care.

How is something to classify?

Is that a serious well-intentioned warning or envy or fear that he moves out? You have to say: My friend is the older one of two boys, of which the younger broke the contact with the parents through a relationship and false handling of 2015, because the girlfriend's "prohibits". A very sorry thing.

I already think about it. Do mothers have righteous rights or is there afraid of losing him? His former girlfriends were reluctant to see and a job change with excerpt was prevented from her. But he is also a quieter - I think, with this acquaintance he has no bad address (though she is a little bit bizarre) - but he is not confident though in my view attractive and with great job - very muchn other specific, especially from the mother.

Thank you & greetings: -)


Mothers try to preserve their children, especially their sons, from suffering from sorrowful experiences.

Self-made experiences are taken as a reference to what your own child should survive at all.

A mother who has learned a lot of heart suffering will try to pack your child in cotton wool and protect from unmoved.

Now the potential daughter-in-law in spe comes. Not from the rod, slightly suspicious ... the mother's heart fails danger and wants to spare experiences to the child who were made even with suspicious objects.

When I got to know my EXMANB (I was serious, had a good graduation, money saved, own car, own apartment, circle of friends, pictureUnknown, etc.), I heard his father said "Young, Pass Nice, you know what I mean ..."