How do you get a girlfriend, what do you do there?

2021-08-28 17:01:15 LOLA

Sure you get to know yourself and what then? What do you have to do?


You spend time together to see if you fit together and the "chemistry" is right.

At some point you say then "I like you." or similar.

Later, "I like you." Then "I love you."


1. Are you ready for a friend, because, that sounds rather than would you want to force a friend now.

2.Y You have to get to know you well and interest you for you, but also pay attention to you Also interested for you.

3. If you know them for some time, ask them if you want to go to the cinema or something.

4. Then you ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend.


You should listen to your gut feelingAnd not afraid she is still there and listens to her abdomen. And just enjoy the time together the rest comes from all the way!


Spend time together and see interest for each other. Everything else then arises from alone when the "chemistry" is right.

A bit of courage to the right moments but also belongs. Which ones are? Well ... there is no universal manual for.


Well I would rate you.

Try to get your interests.

or try to talk to her about a topic O you both do you both knowing.

That can be everything from topic

How do you get a girlfriend, what do you do there?