Were only the magnificent rooms in Brockschlösern so precisely equipped?

2021-08-28 21:03:22 MISTY


In the guides, the magnificent rooms are always presented, such as e.g. Princely apartments, fixed room ... which was mainly due to the representation.

A lock but exists out of much more rooms.

What was housed there? The court?

And were these buildings as precious and beautifully equipped, such as Z. Vogels, Marble Stuck ...

I thank you in advance for the answers :)


In it, there was a gradient, which is quite normal, because everything cost money and thus the prosperity was only worked there, where the monarch, etc. wanted to represent / specify, but it was outwards Always sparse. In a castle with 150 rooms, in winter, e.g. only 12 rooms were heated. That says everything that also people also divide where it works.

https://www.spsg.de/blog/article/2017/08/17/kartoffeln-am-grab Death-Friedrichs-Des-Gross-in-Sanssouci-Am-17-August-1786 /

This monarch is to have lived in Sparzan Sanssouci Spartan. The Sachsenkönig August of the strong in turn loved the pomp, because his role model was Ludwig the XIV in France, who set up the jaw the crown.


rather less. The privately owners of the King e.g. were extremely simple. Since the others (apart from the closest servants) never seemed to face.

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Therefore, they are called magnificent rooms. If the whole lock would be so equipped, it would be a bow. The court was sometimes housed in the castle or even in separate buildings. That came on how to rest the staff and how often they needed them


This is certainly very different. The castles of the prince, hearts and kings were of course according to the means and tax deductions accordingly, less or more large, less or more court of court, and of course the rooms were der simple servants also very simple.

Were only the magnificent rooms in Brockschlösern so precisely equipped?