@ Girls should guys / young men shave their belly?

2021-08-29 00:05:26 PAULA

And Chest

No Choose 63%

Yes Choose 38%


If my partner feels comfortable with it and is happy, then he can also keep his belly hair. In itself that does not bother me and as long as he is happy with that, I'm also happy.


So that the Sixpack comes to validity the girlfriend said by a good friend

But it is already crings if you have no Sixpack, always tells me a good friend: /


No, you should shave yarnix, at most trim, if it becomes too much.

Nix gives more terrible such as these arm-based nude gorillas.


Although I'm not a girl, but my girlfriend loves my belly hairs over everything.

But also No jungle on the belly.



So that he scratches? No rather not.

@ Girls should guys / young men shave their belly?