Which term term do you like very well?

2021-08-29 05:00:44 KAREN

Which technical term do you really like? Be it because he is well chosen to describe a concept, be it because he is particularly important for you or your work, or be it because he is a particularly beautiful word creation. He does not necessarily have to come from your personal department.

I like the terms Hyperconjugation (because that somehow sounds futuristic and I find the concept behind it very nice) and event horizon (because it is a very nice parable - it is the horizon until you can see [events]) particularly well.


It is not necessarily a technical term, but I like "strolling" very well. But it is probably because I always have to think of a line of "Lola Löwenherz" in the word: "It leaves a taste on the tongue. As if it were called chocolate pudding from the finger. "


Hemorrhagic (and yes, that is tragic, tragically hemorrhagic in a sense).

Photic Niesreflex is my number two.



Why? Because the term hardly knows someone, but each of the mangas and / or comics reads already seen. The term stands for loud painting, so words like: * boom! * * POW! * * SEFZ *

Which term term do you like very well?