Why is she at once colder in the chat?

2021-08-29 08:03:05 DARLENE

I have been writing with a girl for a few days. In the beginning it ran really well, I felt that she was very great too. But now a few days later she feels more cool. What could that be?


at once colder?
  • You wrote something that gives you to think - or what you totally detest? - What makes you different differently?
  • You are "active" while writing - asking too many (your unpleasant intimate) - do not wait for answers before you write again?
  • She also writes with others - and has found one - the better (humorous, knocking, entertaining, charming) than you are?
  • She currently has her days / and pain - and is therefore Cool and short?
  • She has a lot of stress (everyday life, family, school, exams, etc.,

All the best for you!


That can be everything possible. Maybe she has no time or is stressed right now. Or she writes with someone others.

It could simply have lost interest in you. Or or ..


She has no interest in you. Soaetwas can tilt suddenly.

Until a few days ago I also found a certain woman even interesting, but I got to know her better and now I'm not interested in her at all. She is so emotionless, not flirty and rather boring at all. That makes them unattractive.

For this I now find another woman very attractive.

could be a reason.


That is because that is because her too much writes and see you too little


Nobody understands women. Some people talk that they could. But no one does. This question can not be answered: d.

Why is she at once colder in the chat?