Piercing in sports lessons?

2021-08-29 10:04:19 BETTY

I have been stinging an industrial and helix about 5 or 6 weeks.

The problem is yes, you should not take out this in any case and with tape or patches there is also terrible at the point ...

What should I do there if I'm told that I should get it out? refuse it?

I do not want to get a note 6 either.


I do not know where to be the problem with piercings. I was allowed to do sports with mine. Only earrings that hang are problematic because you could get stuck there somewhere. But plug and normal piercings are not a problem. Certainly not falls up. And if, say, just say that you can not get out.


Basically, of course you would have to be a bad stupid to stay on it.

Of course you can try talking to your teachers but as I know teachers will not bring anything. Of course,

Do not take out, so you will only stick to you ... glue simply normal patches over it, while it is unpleasant but endure.

I hope conHelp

Make Jody

, it's the best for you and your classmates.

Piercing in sports lessons?