Which hamster food is best?

2021-08-29 12:02:04 MARLENE

Heyy :)

I have been a gold hamster since Tuesday and have him from the zoohandlung. They have grabbed the Bunny Hamsterraum expert and vitality Menu Vital.
On the Internet, everywhere is that the feed from the zoohandlung is not good for hamster, and since I want to hold my hamster, I would like to change the food.

knows your balanced and healthy feed marks for hamster and Can you recommend it to me?

Thank you for your answers :)



Hello :)

The best thing is the dry food of Futterparadies, Mixerma or Feed Cresis.

They have good mixtures.

The people in the zoohandlung usually have no idea about the animals they sell there. Which is just about money. That's why you should not buy any animals from the zoohandlung, which are often sick ...

LG Laura



that food from the zoohandlung is really not suitable! I can recommend food from Futterparadies and Mixerama.


This food ZB⬆️

My dwarf shamster gets his food also from FutterparAdiess and is very satisfied with it.

LG Sophia110


Online there are many pages that offer great things.
Look at the side of Futterparadies, have only good experiences!


Futterparadies, Feed Crime, Mixerama


Not only the feed of zoohandlungen is often unsuitable, generally no animals are bought there.

Which hamster food is best?