Masturbation without Toy and condom What alternatives are there?

2021-08-29 13:03:24 INEZ

I w / 12 wonder how I can mutigate. But I do not want to buy a toy or condom. I would also like to come to the climax because I have never had that and I would like to have tips on how I may make my orgasm better. Or as I find out Wan I have an orgasm?


If you had something inside, do it like us after sexual intercourse (I m / her w): pee and at least superficially Showers and clean gender organs . So no germs or mushrooms come to the urethra, and we stay healthy. Do not necessarily have to be immediately. Applies to man and woman. Often one is also sweaty. Does not last long, and then you can go to sleep. Want to teach you a bit.


Hello, since you probably have no sex toy with 12 yet, I can recommend you some household items. However, be careful with these and it would be beneficial if you would have at least condoms to give you from bacteria and germs tooSuit. These can be very easy to get into your vagina and bring some mess there.

The first to be the electric toothbrush, this vibrates namely and can be kept to the clitoris. In no case keep the bristles somewhere, they hurt.

Next there are things like carrots, narrow long candles, the handle of the hair coasts, bottles of neck and so on. All this has a smooth surface and an advantageous form to introduce them. Always pay attention to that no sharp-edged corners or so on, so that you are not injured.

And of course the classic, the fingers you can do everything that the heart desires.

If you finger yourself you can also be with several beAt the same time slide into you, and depending on how it feels more and more fingers take to fill out.

For the special appeal, you can also try to satisfy you anal to satisfy that is also a very exciting experience and can make it addictive!


Hello Nanagirl,

Women take their clit to orgasm. This is the hill in front of the column in the column, so the foreskin hood with the small, often somewhat hidden berry in it.

stroking with finger, rubbing or counterdose the shower jet.


Good thing takes a while.
If you are so far, you will know how it works.
Always listen to your body.
Honestly I played with 12 still with cars or dollsAnd did not even know what sexuality means, but well, the time is running and running and running ............

Masturbation without Toy and condom What alternatives are there?