Would it be good if concerts and readings take place in mosques?

2021-08-29 14:05:01 SHERI

In churches this is done too. There are orchestra or there are reads of various kinds. Gladly also rock concerts.


There are mosques that organize larger events - not in the prayer room, but rather in the yard -

And there are also concerts, competitions, theater, live shows, raffles, etc and of course quite much to eat

And as a music are rather songs with cultural / religious character.

Even if I am not really completely satisfied with that, it is at least music that would be in order for some scholars, such as Imam Ghazali, even if most of the scholars would contradict that.

That's not just a further source of income for the mosque, but pulls both Muslims and many non-Muslims into the mosque, which besides all the festivitiesAlso get a mosque guide. People are bound to the community and the mosque, the events presented over the year, new members won etc. That there are people who still get the last sparks to convert, is nothing rare.

Here is an example:


Why do you compare apples with pears? Ok, both are fruits, but that's already already.

I have only a little impression, which happens in mosques or what they are actually. But I do not think these facilities are comparable to churches that have already given their premises for other activities.

And he honestly, a rock band under a cross, at which a Jesus HangT, is so weird. And so Christian can not be this music that can not be made with a good conscience.

And if there are so many churches that make it, what does the mosques still need? Should not you simply accept that you are more serious than other Christians?

Above all, it would be interesting to know what the mosque visitors at all say? At the moment I can not imagine that that would like to have so secular things there.

Is' So the first thought I have to do so.


Good idea! ... that would be a giant progress! .... Now you only need a mosque that carries out something.

I would start with the Binrushd Goethe MosqueAnd ask Seyram ates - that would be most likely - if any! ... just not be disappointed if she says no: I suspect that her life is nice: (


No! A mosque is not intended for you Fun has and listen to music. It is the God's house and there you should behave decent. It is not a disco. There you can not do what you want. But that will never understand that, but the church can do that Mosque should not do anyone! This is disrespectful! The mosque is for praying to get to know the religion and get to Islamic lessons or to learn Koran. Not to celebrate! This question is just pathetic.

Would it be good if concerts and readings take place in mosques?