Why is the system better positioned in Germany than in other countries or why do

2021-08-29 19:01:17 DUANE


A democracy offers more options and perspectives. Since more voices are heard, more systems such as health system, education, etc. are also formed for the wide mass.

Our economy is still geared to craft and precision, qualifying and expertise, which is very popular worldwide, which is why we have a large-scale export, also in terms of skilled workers and research.

These compounds to many other countries, in turn, promotes diplomatic relationships and variety. This variety ensures more different voices in the government. What causes rebuilt systems.

What would like to forget that this variety is only possible that we tooImmigration. It is an interaction through many different views.

If you are not open to other views, nothing changes. The system stagnates, errors are not recognized and therefore not resolved.

Germany also has many mistakes. And often it takes years until something decided to change. But the many voices make it possible for some problems to be pointed out again and again. Why it is not stagnated, even if it sometimes looks like this.

Clearly, too many opinions and too much consideration are also partially unable to act (and there are some voices that are located on the right and talking about the variety). But by and large, in my opinion, this diversity and openness, free opinionExamination, free choice, quality and expertise that Germany only enable a complex social and economic system.


Because the ideology is above healthy sense in all ideologically embossed states. Since it is completely indifferent whether it is a religious or political ideology.


Because Germany is a democratic state and the constitutional laws allow the freedom of expression.


Germany is democratic and prosperity is also thoroughly Services achieved, which are very popular worldwide.


In the origin, the inhabitants had always had to come up with something here to salvation over the winterget. The power inventive.

Why is the system better positioned in Germany than in other countries or why do you have more perspectives than in North Korea, Syria, etc.?