Future for women in Afghanistan?

2021-08-29 19:01:51 LOREN

In the documentation about Afghanistan you learn incredible things.


In 1969, Kabul is the most modern city of Afghanistan and neighboring countries. Women in short skirts, most no veil, boys and girls up to the 12th grade in the common class and many women at the university. Fashion shows, cinemas, dance events ... (in the country women with Chador).

What do you think, women will be able to decide for the next 10 years how they want to live. Chador, veil or completely without.

certainly not in the coming years. Choose 100%

In 10 and more years I can imagine it. Choose 0%

I can imagine if the following happens. Choose 0%


Then it is just like that.


Most women will remain locked in their blue, barred all-body prisons, the Burka, on an unavailable time.

The times of relative freedom are past for them.


In the next hundred or two hundred years there will be nothing out there.

Future for women in Afghanistan?