Does it live as an asexual better and more peaceful?

2021-08-29 20:04:23 TONY

Can I well imagine that then the eternal pressure of the shoot is no longer there, you do not have the pressure to work and do not be afraid to fail in bed to give too little sex, etc.

That must be wonderful.


This is probably due to the individual case. Some asexuals may have no interest in sex, although the normally associated shoots are still present. This can lead to quite difficult situations if there are need for needs that do not satisfy.

Apart from that, existing sexuality can not only be seen as a drift, but also as a positive aspect of life, You can find fun and with which one can identify. In this respect, this also has its good and bad pages.


I think you overestimate what influence of sexual shoot really has, but also possible that I underestimate it.

Either way, there are enough others "shoots" theOne influence - such as thirst, hunger, sleep, love and and ...


I already think that it is helpful to have a drift less to get off. If I do with others, albeit, albeit mainly over the internet, as this shoot can easily frustrate, I'm glad that this duty is simply dropped to my body.

is probably a trade-off, because I'm one Certain kind of fun can not have. But since I never had this need, I'm not missing. So yes, I think to be asexual is actually a pleasant thing. Especially if she is slightly pronounced as with me, and I do not find sex disgust, but just no interest in it.


MeAlso have this thought from time to time. Asexuals themselves will not be forcibly seeing that as they have no comparison and probably can not really imagine the sexual drive as he actually works.

My life would be at least a little more uncomplicated ...


No, other people still want sex and that makes it very difficult to find a relationship. To do this, my knowledge after most people have sex do not be permanently scared.

But the failure and performance pressure can be used independently of sex.

Does it live as an asexual better and more peaceful?