Delta (COVID-19) is not only infectious, but also leads twice as often to severe

2021-08-29 21:01:45 JUDY

Saturday, 28.08.2021, 09:58

The risk of hospitalization is at an infection with the Delta variant of the coronavirus according to a study probably about twice the High as with the alpha variant.

Delta: infected land 2.26 times more often in the hospital

So far, studies had the higher transferability of the delta variant, secured statements There was hardly anything about the risk of heavy courses. Scientists now used the results of tens of thousands of positive tests associated with hereditary gut analyzes Delta or Alpha. Nearly 9,000 went back to Delta, about 35,000 on Alpha. For this purpose, the researchers considered the number of hospital instructs.


No, I am already vaccinated choose 76%

No, because ... Choose 16%

Yes, I'll let me vacate even faster Choose 4%

No, my vaccination date is already certainly choose 4%

No, for health reasons I can not be vaccinated Choose 0%


The risk of infection with multi-resistant germs in the hospital and may still be much higher.

The risk of infecting with an already widely used virus is much higher than the risk of infection with a risk that is only slightly in circulation.

Furthermore, the risk of an infection is always the highest, where people think to be the best possible way and therefore to do everything they desire, and ignore it, that they are much worse protected than those who know that they are exposed to significant risks and therefore as much as possible from avoiding which they are endangered.

That does not lead to oneR distortion of the views on the usefulness of vaccinations, but also to distortions of statistics.

Thorough considerations regarding the vaccinations I consider very important. What is useful should one also use. But if something benefits or hurts is also very dependent on the individual case and not of statistical average values.

I can currently see me more in a similar situation like a southern Italian retailer, which it is clear that he lives very safe if he gives up the demands of protective grounds, but it still considers it better, despite the associated risks of protection to fight. This can also be compared with a religious consideration. Many argue about what religion the oneIt was right. I myself do not want to worry about my mind throughout religion and do not impress myself from the skillful indoccistrant attempts.


No, I have been full of vaccination protection anyway since June.

However, it would now point out that a third vaccine for refreshing is required (which is already discussed), or that another vaccine is required with a new vaccine adapted to the delta variant, I would meet myself Of course, immediately vaccinate again.

Both corona vaccinations I found the absolute bagatelle. This by far the worst was the pending in the various queues in the vaccine mall. So I would everyone tooTime adopt further vaccinations, if necessary.


I've got my paypush last Monday and now wait to be completely immunized.

The Delta Variant has not influenced my decision.


Since the current vaccines are not adapted to the delta variant anyway.

A low risk multiplied by 2.26 is still a low risk.

Active Cases: 113.700

Active intensive treatment: 1.007 https: // www. Intensive

of which under 40: 14.4% / Time series

There are currently 1007/113700 = 0.8% of cases on the intensive care units.

15% of them below 40: 0.8% * 0.15 = 0.013%.

Do not be afraid of me now.


last week Saturday received my second vaccine and, I'm more than happy, now I'm just waiting for complete immunization.

Delta (COVID-19) is not only infectious, but also leads twice as often to severe progressions like Alpha. Influences your vaccine decision?