Why is music the only thing that keeps me alive?

2021-08-29 22:02:36 BETTY

Do not give music, or would music be forbidden, then I would probably end my life for a long time. Maybe I'm addicted to music. But it's the only thing that keeps me alive, the only thing makes sure that I even feel a little joy.

Is this very questionable? Should I get away from it?

Especially Islamic scholars say yes music would be very bad, and you can not listen to music.

I'm not a Muslim, just wondering why you say something like that? Is Muslim bad?


When music means you so much, it is the right way for you.

I myself can not be without music, music is the right thing for all situations, you will find, joy can be sad with her, be happy.

However, music should not be the only thing that keeps you alive, I hope that this will go back soon and you have nice people around you, which help you out of the hole again.

Do not go to others, live what's good for you. You do not need to add to Islamic teaching, you are not a Muslim.


So music is not bad! But yes one should be considered music is not always music!
Rap and the electric where you only buMS can not be really good!

PS for me it is so similar music prepares me friend!


Not all Islamic scholars say music is bad, you have to differentiate that. Islam is often more complicated than you think. For most, bad music is Haram such as Z.B when drugs, etc. is ripped off. Why? Because it influences crass.

Music is sometimes the only thing that understands us and that's why I love it, too, solves happiness.

Why is music the only thing that keeps me alive?