Help I think my husband is unattractive?

2021-08-30 01:04:41 FRANCISCO

I feel so bad. Since I have lost 25 kilos I realize how my husband is not at all my type.
Suddenly I remember how small and relatively thin he is. (We are almost the same big and he is very narrow built)

I really love him, but visually he just does not like it anymore. I never want to kill him but I was so often addressed that if I would not take him to look at him with the a * glance and I found that three. Now I just realize that my self-confidence is more and more developed and he is purely visually not my type. As a result, of course we have little (more if I chose myself) sex or touches.

I am 24 years old and we are married 1.5 years ...

BittE What can I do? I am at a loss


It is often so that the whole life is covered with a basic weight loss. Many relationships are finished.

You're still young, consider whether you want to spend the rest of your life or whether a separation for both would not be better.



Often the true causes for such problems are much deep-lying. What disturbs you out of the outside is just a superficiality that you are projecting other problems.

You have already addressed the self-confidence / consciousness. There is certainly more topics with you.

But I was so often addressed that when I would not take him to look at him

Well, that sounds ExtREM superficial and disrespectful. I'm afraid your circle of acquaintances is not the desormatable now.

My tip: recognize and solve and solve some of your underlying problems. If the look then is still so important, you can look for a new man.


Barely believing that it already strikes with 24. How will it be in 10 or 15 years when the figure deforms unfavorably to age?

A friend of mine is married to a woman who had a normal figure in the young age. Disease due to illness, she continued to grow. I guess them now on 140kg or so and still love them still.

Take an example.


at leastNow you really ask yourself the question of what reasons you got married. And it is already noteworthy that you have already said in advance how your weight loss will end ...

For outsiders it might very strange, because that sounds for people who do not know you are not exactly like a love marriage On, but rather "Oh, how beautiful, I got one. I marry now."

But of course, you have decreased, of course, now also another standing that grows self-confidence and certainly you get accordingly due to your "new" optics also adequate feedback from (for you) handsome men ...

Your husband will feel like that you feel now in another league to the he is not anymorecan unlock. Even if you do not tell it open, you realize when you are rejected, no matter if the look or the character.

You do not want to crawl him, but you've done that for sure. He is not stupid and can break up why you have so little physicality / caressing.

Sad for him ... really. To be confronted every day, no longer to be enough. That certainly scratches neatly at his self-esteem.

You should urgently lead a clarifying conversation ... and as you write here, you just like him, but do not love him, so it will probably or evil earlier or later anyway for separation.


That sounds almost like that for me:

Now I can see better nowAt that time I was glad that one has taken me and now I see myself on the market. Sadly something like that ...

Help I think my husband is unattractive?