Have very well trained men a longer penis?

2021-08-30 01:04:59 WESLEY

I had recently had a discussion to mention with a buddy. He says that men who make a lot of training (craft sports) have a bigger penis through the high testosterone emissions than normal os who barely exercise until not yet.

What do you say? Is this true?

No Choose 90%

Yes Choose 10%


The size can not change, not even by sport or similar. Only if you have increasing and overweight, there is a fat pad in which it is buried. He then appears optically smaller, but is completely, partly in the abdomen, still there. When you decline again, you can see more again, and he appears bigger.


The size is changeable by nothing, no matter how fit or untrained you are.

It is also no matter how small / tall he is, as long as he is fun and prepares Everything works fine.

And no matter what many write here: the average is +/- 13cm.

And that's enough for children.

Have very well trained men a longer penis?