What is your pain threshold at the penis size?

2021-08-30 02:01:11 LEE

or. What size do you like penetration feeling best apart from technology?

I have 18cm in erect condition and often listen to that of their pain border. He should not be bigger but so it is perfect.


Normally, women do not measure the penile length. Then they can not say what length is good.

If you say that most say that is at the pain threshold, then you know if that's good.

18cm penis length is so rare that hardly a woman can tell if that is good.


So I'm still pretty young and 18cm are very pleasant. So the border would probably be a little further up.


I believe such a similar question gabs already.

For me it is about 16cm.

More is more uncomfortable for me.

At 18, he already has to know what "man" does. 20 I found terrible. Of course, can also be on the man

What is your pain threshold at the penis size?