Will he or not?

2021-08-30 05:02:32 ESTELLE


I want a friendship with a man + / affair.

We had a conversation as my statements were too conspicuous.

He has said that for personal reasons and political reasons it does not work. Personally because he is a bit older and politically because we have the same employer.

I have been so accepted for the time being, but why does he look at me constantly and grins funny, why does he invite me to a conversation (would also go via WhatsApp)? Why is he hugging me intensively and when draining, he held his hand on my hip?

Will he perhaps? I think the deeds contradict with the words. What do you all mean?


Talk to him again and rather directly. Maybe he will have a different opinion this time and the conversation will end :)))


He rejected.

Then you should reject now. This will never be something.

You should then clearly reject his suggested allusions.

This is otherwise very unpleasant.

I hope only, that's not your supervisor.


One of you both must change the tablets. Find out who that is.

Will he or not?