Is that too little kcal and eat for a 14 year old?

2021-08-30 05:05:06 ELMER

Hello is that too little food for a 14 year old?

(I do not want to give weight and size, however, nothing to my question)

I have eaten, for example, today (of course distributed throughout the day and calorie information should also be votes)

[] Gnocchi with sauce = 286kcal

[] plum = 24kcal

[] Gummiarchen Mini bag = 30kcal

[] waffle = 98kcal

[] stopped Nutella = 43kcal

[] cucumber = 7kcal

[] Wiener 2 pieces = 149kcal

[] Ketchup = 16kcal

[] Pumpkin seed bun = 225kcal

[] sandwich toast 2 pieces = 191kcal

[] Toffifee 2 pieces = 87kcal

A total of = 1,165 kcal

What would you say is ok to quantity, etc.?


There must definitely be in any case. Besides, you are doing too much to worry about calories (you even write cucumbers and ketchup). When I was 14 I ate about 3000 kcal a day and with 15 then 4000 kcal.
Do not worry too much, you're still in the growth and if you really had too much eaten, you realize that if you build fat But then you can just eat less.

My tip: eat if you are hungry, and then as healthy as possible.


Hey, Amelie It's too little ... to mess up .. early, noon healthier more .. today less .. and full.

You Are 14 in the growth .. not with your health, all the best,