Is man a kind of system?

2021-08-30 05:05:40 JAIME

As soon as something does not work smoothly in the system, it makes itself noticeable and you feel suboptimal.

The more smoother our system works, the more we can enjoy life.

We reflect ours. System constantly and try to solve dysbalances as soon as possible. Sometimes we also just wait until the system regulates itself.

If we can not help ourselves, we go to the doctor and ask him for help. Some go faster to the DOC and others take the dysbalances just and hope that everything is commuting with themselves again.

We try every day with our lifestyle our system as well as we can keep functional. Sometimes we succeed well, and sometimes less good.

After a few years, we should have become our own engineer.

Do you see that similar?


sounds good.

Is man a kind of system?