The different sexes?

2021-08-30 06:00:50 EMILIO


In the school, we were not yet so clear about it, so I would like to know what the terms such as

- transgender

- transgender

Demigirl / Boy



- Gender fluid

ECT. (I'm sorry, I do not know all the terms). That should not attack or hurt anyone! It would just be interested in what exactly what and where the differences lie. We had the other day sexual customer, but no one has explained to me. Again, the question should not attack anyone, I'm pretty unaware in the way.

Thank you very much, for every answer!



Here is the most competent explained:


CISGENDER: You are not trans

- Transgender You take a different contour identity than you were assigned to the birth

Demigirl / Boy: Verigender refers to a genuine identity, in which a person only partially with identified a gender.

-agenders have no gender, do not feel associated with gender

-Nonbinary not (or not 100%) as a man or woman

- gender fluid: Sex identity is changed over a period of time or to certain situations


These are not genders ...

Cisgender- a person who sI identified her biological sex

Transgender - a person who does not identify with their biological sex

Agender- a person who does not identify with no gender and has no genital identity

Non Binary - a person who does not identify themselves as feminine or male

Gender fluid-a person in which the identity changes.


These have pseudo scientists Created, who claim, genders are not biologically determined, but a social construct, ie virtually approached. Some then distinguish between biological gender (sex) and social sex (gender). The genders you have listed are then the latter. They go to DAVOn that the gender is relevant, as which one feels, even if it does not match the biological characteristics. A man who feels the Besipiel as a woman would then be transgender. CIS Gender are people identifying with their biological sex.

The different sexes?