Is it normal that I go from and from Gay porn?

2021-08-30 07:03:13 JACQUELYN

Is it normal that I go in and from Gay porn, sometimes out of fun on a jerk off I can never imagine a relationship with one? I find a relationship with one you even really well How should I express it nudgeon I could never see something like that I'm just in my puberty as it looks and I'm a bit confused


Sorry because of write mistakes I'm tired and it's late I can not fall asleep


This is normal. You do not have to fit into no category.

You could be bisexual pansexual or otherwise and at the same time be aromantic or hetero romance. Experiments are also normal -

You do not have to sort yourself in as categories.

But it can also be that you're just gay and internalized gay skin.

In the end, you probably can best find out for yourself.

You can find more terms here (If this helps you and you realize that the website is not blue):


is everything ok. You try and get to know yourself and your feelings. There is nothing wrong here what the whole idiots write here. I myself never consumed homosexual content, but that does not mean that you are different or somehow abnormal.

This is a normal thing that develops in the brain during puberty. Since you are in the development, you try out and find some things maybe attracting from whom you thought it would be wrong. Everything cool, your psyche has to consolidate first. In the end everything can come out with you. Do not let you unsettle and look at whatever you enjoy.


I find it normal, as there are also a lot of women / girlChen gives you watching porn with women and find them more beautiful (I have already noticed often) and they are also not lesbian. In addition, everything is still new in puberty and you should try and see what you do not like and what's just, nothing bad. :)


Do not do so much thoughts matter as long as you have fun


Yes, that's completely normal.

Is it normal that I go from and from Gay porn?