Do I do something wrong with the SB?

2021-08-30 07:04:48 WOODROW

Hi, I (W / 14) have tried the first time SB earlier. I have downloaded an app and held my cell phone down. I was also damp (so I think) but I just felt the masturbation below. Films or so I know that differently, so it looks like that as if you feel the whole body (you understand that?) (I know that in movies does not always have everything really but I have the feeling that you actually have more Should be felt). Do I do anything wrong? And if I start with the fingers, I have to pay attention to something, e.g. that you can rub better or something?

You may notice, I have no idea about it, I looked at stuff on the internet, but I thought I'll try an app.

would be toNice nice, if someone can help me, because sometimes I just feel like SB, but not knows how.


First of all, it is important to relax

Mure that you are undisturbed.

Then make you comfortable and stroke to you, not just At the MUMU

This is not a machine but more a musical instrument ^^

Then you slowly go on and off with a finger between your legs until the labia is slowly moist.

Then again and again, but not only caressing about the clit and when you are wet, you can slowly let a finger pure and massively massage a spot behind the clit, which feels like a palate.

That is the G-point

Always play over between lips, clit and G-point until you realize where an orgasm in place.

and afterAnd after you will know what makes you the most fun

Relaxation is important

Pillow riding have you ever heard.

Many girls find the class.

You take the pillow with the long side between the legs, spreading your labia easily and puts you on the seam.

then just before and then up and down

In addition, you can Help with your finger and hear on your body what you like.


The porn * s does not meet the reality! Everyone feels and react elderly.

Do I do something wrong with the SB?