Can you get cisgender again?

2021-08-30 11:04:37 STELLA

I know that sounds stupid but is there a way to become cisgender again? Somehow a therapy or something? (I'm trans and yeah, I have pretty stress because of that and I feel bad to my parents and my friends because they are angry with that)


If you have no surgery and no hormone therapy, it's just a head thing with you. And even these two things could make Make back. In this respect you can be everything.

But you should not adjust, because it requires others from you. That will not make you happy in the long run.


You do not have to decide which behavioral patterns you prefer, if you completely want to imitate something. Your body is your body and nothing is wrong.
The way you give yourself and how you move is just as wrong. I think if you are different than most others, then you should not customize any side, but you have the samebe. Small compromises in order to unsettle as few people as possible, can not harm.


No. Above all, you should not bend you because people do stress. Where do you take the impudence from? Your love life is absolutely nothing at all.

If you blew you, you will be extremely extremely unhappy and have no chance on a happy satisfied relationship. It's not.


Nothing is wrong.

Wrong and ill it is to ignore his own child.

Links said they are in therapy what they are mentally Antun

Can you get cisgender again?