Girlfriend with 19 have never come?

2021-08-30 12:02:24 TINA

Had now three times with my girlfriend sex and three times she did not come. Me made me sad and thoughtful, so yesterday I talked to her about it. She then said that she still finds it very nice and I should not be a head. Then she said that she never had never happened in the previous relationship 2 1/2 years and 6 months. It is somehow hard to believe that, that's why my question to the women, whether there is something like that. She had always really pleased with every meeting, so I think it's that she likes her, but still find it funny, that she says that she had never come to such times. She is always really cool, is moist, moaning loud and bite into the pillow andSo ...


The fewest women can get a vaginal orgasm, accordingly they do not come in sex.

They simply rewind them with the hand or mouth.


Believe me, there are women who did not come throughout their marriage. As long as you take care of them and are not selfish, everything is okay. Let your time and build a pressure. Some types catching to make down on devil come out. Sometimes it only requires a caressing in the right place ....... Under the arms, over the back ....... just find piece for piece ..... if biting in the pillow, then Seems the goal does not seem far. You can also use tools ...... or you each otherMasturbed watching ..... just patience.


Of course there is: D Most women do not come vaginal. Under 30 men I slept with I came to 2 - and only with their own "helped". The quality of sex do not demolish. As she says and you notice it. Ask her as she else comes alone. Let your time and devote you.


There are women who rarely or never have an orgasm at the GV. But you can get an orgasm yourself if you rub the clit, or with a vibrator.

Sometimes it is possible that the man gives her pleasure by spoiling her to her instructions.


We canbe like that.

Then you should talk about what you help to get. She still knows how she gets to orgasm and should take care of the iniatory, so that she also has its climax. It is nothing to be exploited to "get" his orgasm

Girlfriend with 19 have never come?