How much was your development influenced by your cat?

2021-08-30 12:07:46 ARCHIE

Often one says the cat is the true teacher of man.

How did cats influence your childhood?

Which teachings have gotten your cat?

is Your cat overlooks you intellectually?

How much did your cat influence your professional career?

Has your cat get children before or after you?

Do you have some educational backgrounds of the cat taken over?


  • Childhood: The cat was there for me, an anchor point. I found comfort with him, affection, encouragement.
  • Teach: None. He pulled his thing through, was a bold fighter and has taken care of the neighbor's cats and neighbor skater in need (and he was a good babysitter for the one or other kitten to be found until the actual owners were found).
  • Superiority: Hardly. The cat of my childhood has learned by me then how to operate door latches to open a door. And he could open a faucet with lever with a lot of patience. My current cats (Maine Coon) can not do some things that my childhood cat could not or not interested, but they can not do some things that he maye. All that I do not see as superiority. Especially, there are cats. A completely different species than me. The only thing that connects us: We are mammals.
  • Influence on professional career: zero
  • offspring: no. The cat of my childhood was castrated in good time and died at around 10 years. My two Maine Coon came into the house when we already had young youngsters and we were sure that our offspring were thus clear. These two Maine Coon were castrated from us in good time since we do not want any other cats (especially they are siblings).
  • Education of the cat: I think about this sentence for a few minutes and do not come to the meaning behind it. Want to ask if we are "Something"'s behavior for ourcould look at own behavior as parents? No.

But the development of our offspring has been positively influenced / supported by our cats. They give security, resistance. They are very socially and have their own daily routine in which they involve our offspring. With the help of us parents, our offspring has learned and practiced how to properly handle cats, how to read their current state of mind.


I grown up with cats and now have themselves. Definitely the influence on my previous life had.

1. Responsibility learned and consideration

2. Getting up early because they exist on their breakfast.

3. I would not go so far. But youKnow definitely where the food is.

4. I work in the sale and gladly bring about my cats after work.

5. Since I am childless, my cat definitely got children before me (2 litters)

6. Accordingly not.


I have learned that I never want to have an animal in the house!

When our cat died in (age-related), nothing comes to the house !

When I died, my wife can get back a lighter again .......


How did cats influence your childhood?

My cat has shown me that there are limits. Until a certain age, I was allowed to stroke against the line and pull on the ears .... One day I told men scratches on the forehead that there is now a need for clarification.
Is your cat intellectually superior to you?

Well, I'm bringing her food, treats, she has more seat and lying surfaces than me, in my apartment, she lies lazy in the sun while I'm shuffing.
How much did your Cat influence your career?

Not at all.
Has your cat gave children before or after you?

Have you taken some educational exams of the cat?

Unfortunately not.


A cat is completely free, what did my cats taught me until now, they do and do what they want

How much was your development influenced by your cat?