How can I get to know women as lesbian?

2021-08-30 20:03:33 RALPH

Simply appeal and ask if you are lesbian?


So please. Of course not.

That's sexual harassment, only differently than usual.

A look, a smile, a gesture, something small talk, and the further will find, or not stop.


You give it frustrated after half an hour and, if necessary, with a blue eye.

That makes no man who are seriously looking for a partner.

All major fellow partner exchanges have now been set to all variants of partnerships, on the road is actually only onS


With a rainbow bracelet, for example, it becomes easier ...


Internet, there are enough forums and chats and everything

Look when Corona as far as "ÜCounters, there is always exactly for the clientel special parties


So I would not do

How can I get to know women as lesbian?