What do you think of Donald Trump?

2021-08-30 21:01:38 KAYLA

Does not choose him 68%

likes him Choose 24%

goes to 8%


Donald Trump!


His policy is miserable and elegant, if you are not It looks that his suits usually look like them as if they were too big. The seats are easily conceivable bad and his attitude is not the best either.

It is also elegant not to sign government decisions with a fat black marker as if he would sign an autograph photo. And his choice of words, the kind as he speaks, the expression is also anything but elegant. It's even very clum, which may have made a certain popularity in certain sections of the population, but elegant is different.


a man of the Iceland wants to buy everyone who hates everyone who hates eachIn Scotland, Hausbot has treated his golf course and then revealed himself and told the people, he would be poor to make a violent storm on the white house to bring the evil rich democrats to fall?

Please deporte once but without bellows, with Ketchup and Mayo!


Dangerous arsonist, not clever, but whether the simple minds of his followers, effective.


contrary to the other Potus Trump rejects, I would like to point out the success of the TRUMM TRUMM, which is very worshiped in Israel because of his policy.

Netanyahu - "The biggest friend we had ever had in the White House"

https://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/video205399923/nahosT-peace plan-Netanjahu-the-grandest-friend-Den-Wir-ever-IM-Weissen-Haus-Wes.html

About three years worked on the Middle East Peace Plan, the US President Trump will introduce. While Israel's Prime Minister Netanjahu seems satisfied, the Palestinians have already contacted resistance.

US Presidency in the Balance Sheet

Where Trump could celebrate successes

The reigning president fights for his re-election. Despite numerous crises, scandals and severe allegations, a defeat is not certain. Because he could also record some achievements. A selection.

Potus Trump made in the Corona Pandemic about Die US citizens, because he did not get a majority a decree / adoption, with the US citizen who can not pay their rent because of Corona can not be thrown out of their home.

Potus biders did not extend this decree , which is why 30-40 million US citizens threatens the forced eviction.

According to study

up to 40 million US tenants could force eviction
Temporary prohibition of forced evictions has expired at the end of July. Experts: It threatens the "possibly serious accommodation crisis in the history" of the country.
Due to the Corona crisis, scientists threatened between 30 and 40 million tenants in the US in the coming months. This could up to 43 perZent of all rental households should be affected in a study published on Friday.

Whether now the Americans whose car their car was repented, Potus Biden chosen to have chosen?


America First, so everything is said how he judges abroad and that he only knew sanctions and no diplomacy. Another miscast has allowed the US citizens for the white house.

What do you think of Donald Trump?