Your favorite quote of a philosopher?

2021-08-30 22:01:09 CLAY

What are your favorite quotes of well-known philosophers / ethicists etc.?

Thone are bfw.:

  1. "rich man and poor man stood there and saw 'On. And the arms said bleach: I would not be poor, you would not be rich. " - Bertolt Brecht
  2. "The most pleased nature of the pride, on the other hand, is the national pride. For he revealed the lack of individual characteristics he could be proud by otherwise to grab what he divides with so many millions. If you own significant personal advantages, rather gets the mistakes of his own nation, as he has steadfastly in mind, most clearly recognize. But every pathetic drip that has nothing in the world, he proudlyIt could be the last means of being proud of the nation he just belonged to the nation. Here he recovers himself and is now hard to defend all the mistakes and follies that are their own with hands and feet. "- Arthur Schopenhauer


This is not a philosopher and I do not know if he really said that similarly, or whether the director of the movie has come up with. I'm going on that he really said so (actually it does not matter, because the quote I like it so).

Arthur Wellingley (1st. Duke of Wellington): "Sometimes you have to play cards with the devil."


The passport is the finest part of a person.

It does not come up with such a simple way as a human.

A person can come to the most attractive way, without leaving reason.

But never a pass. He is also recognized if he is good, a person can still be so good, and is not recognized.

Berthold Brecht. From "refugee talks".


"You think, you just act. But the enemy does that too. Which is the right justice?" ~ Sasuke Uchia (from Naruto)

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish afterwards how well he can climb a tree, he will think for all his life, he is stupid." ~ Albert Einstein

"Some lead some consequences" ~ Till Lindemann (Rammstein)

"Nobody Exists on Porpouse, Nobody Belongs Anywehere, we're all gonna." ~ Rick Sanchez (from Rick and Morty)

and the question of how humanity could destroy the moon:
"By Legg Smart Enough to Build Technology That Can do so and simultaniously stupid enough to use it it " ~ Exurb1a ( T =9:45)


Ludwig Wittgenstein:

Everything that can be thought of at all can be clearly thought. Everything that can be pronounced can be clearly pronounced.

Of which one can not speak, it must be silent about it.


Do you want to recognize the character of a person, So give him power.

Abraham Lincoln

If people are only good because they are afraid of punishment and hope for reward, we are really a poor pile.

Prof. Albert Einstein

Patience is a tree whose roots are bitter, but whose fruit is very cute.

Persian saying

These three quotes now fell to me spontaneously.

Your favorite quote of a philosopher?