Why are the older good question users mostly so strict?

2021-08-30 23:00:48 ALEJANDRO

As soon as you do not like a question you come to stupid sayings, most of them are the people who have been legitimate for years, what do these people want to achieve?


The people who have been on legacy for years have probably answered the same question for the 20th time. And then you have no desire to give a lust for obvious troll questions a lovingly designed for 10 minutes answer.

And, because I'm quite open ... sometimes you can not say a bit irony or a stupid say scared. These are just only people.


I think there are several explanations. I can only call you a one that comes to me spontaneously.

It has been heard all the time all the questions. Among them are very many stupid questions. Of these, some are annoyed at some point and then catch silly sayings.

StillMore if someone always asks the same question. For example, one thinks her partner would treat and hit her, but she loves him. Every time you ask you what you should do and every time my all you should end it. Then there will be a stupid saying at some point.


Sanden nerves

Most questions have been made x times

If the same day already It was really annoyed by several times


You just do not have a Bock deal with the topic ... and you are dissatisfied with yourself

Why are the older good question users mostly so strict?