How does it feel in love?

2021-08-30 23:03:53 CECIL

How did you realize that you have fallen in love. Nix clichelant, would like to know how it was like everyone.

I do not know if I am ... and would "compare," I have my answer?!

In it

I fell in love with my ex-class colleagues last year in my ex-class colleagues. He missed me in the 5 weeks.

then on 10.8. The school started again - in love directly in new classmates. A boy, so hot, that all ice cubes in the radius of 10km melt, dark blond hair, blue-gray eyes, athletic figure, cute ... Everything on what I go off.

Now, a year later and we good friends. Not more.


Here are some signs that you In love are: You think much about them or him. You like her or him and feel good if she or she is with you. ... you will relocate or angry, if you tell you that you Be in love


So if I looked at him, I always had a strange feeling inside me, but such a nice feeling. At some point I only thought of him and forgot everything drumrum. Then I was in love. You do not really explain no love, it just happens.


Normally one is then pronounced Happy & Happy & smiles all the time


If you are constantly trying to be in the person, staring at all the time and always feel you think

How does it feel in love?