In cuddling a stiff?

2021-08-31 00:01:26 DWIGHT

What do you think if the man gets a stiff when cuddling and feels penis?


When friend I find it extremely sweet and a great sign.

Mostly it comes to sex :)


Then you know that the other one may like if unconsciously giving more than the other .. If he is eg does not want to admit .. is a great sign :)) nciht bad



is a normal reaction and usually not controllable.

I as a woman do not see anything bad in it, not even if you feel his stiff penis then.

is then usually the entry into the foreplay around then also have sex.

I also show it the man's fun and does it well. But not only the man becomes by cuddling ErrI also put it and that will certainly go to most women.

I hope only that you are not embarrassed or your partner?

So do not worry if he gets stiff when cuddling is all alright.

Then have fun with cuddling and everything follows.

LG Steffi


I would be weird, of course, he can not do anything, but would be quite unpleasant and would go



I do not think so. Is a normal reaction of the body

In cuddling a stiff?