Would death be a salvation for you?

2021-08-31 02:06:57 HOMER

Yes Choose 88%

No Choose 13%


It depends on what to expect after death.

If it is a little worse, then not, otherwise already




In many cases it seems to be like that only if you consider that you are dead much longer than you live, then this life does not seem quite like this bad.

Nowhere is written that this life is simple and often enough it does not seem to be fair, but there are moments, it's really nice and who always looks down, does not look down, does not look down Lg.


A salvation of all human needs and weaknesses. At least, if we do not go out of the rebirth and you come back to the world as a person.

What nOh, I do not know about death, I do not want to assert me as well and I'm very excited to find out. That's why I'm not afraid of death. However, this may be like to be a few decades. I am currently Nämlicj completely satisfied with my life as a person.


should be a salvation for everyone. Over everything to live, even with optimal health must be cruel.


But better would be fulfilled infinite life with my wish.

Would death be a salvation for you?