How do you recognize true love?

2021-08-31 03:03:14 JACOB

I wonder that for more ... if you know that it's not just a phase, the hormones just play crazy or similar.

Some are even married here and can tell why they have decided on their partner and not for other people who are also very beautiful, can have a wonderful character, have great skills, etc.

Thank you!


True, what is true?

True goes beyond what concerns you. You can love them true yet, it is not true love. You have to be honest with you before you can do it with others. However, true love survives your time. Love is timeless. In other words, you can never know if it's true love, but if love has a limit. There it is then too late. Do you love something as long as it tastes good, looks or what. Who honestly says so clear, but does not talk about true love. You can be loved and be dead, just because real love is not tied to matter still on time. We learn true daily true love, in the forest e.g. The ants, the bees they are often working, though it has pandemic measures. The loved ones really Das life without conditions. The tree does not just give up and says too much CO2, I'm enough for me ... the power with full love and we humans?

We love our car, there is stability even on nudibranchs and safety . I do not wear the mask because of Corona, if I drive alone, I want to protect the material we love entertainment, as in the cinema the nature dies, gives us the necessary tension in this boring desake to keep the heart of the pumps. Yes it beats for chocolate and ice cream, that must be true love or


True love you recognize for a long time after the inflection phase, which can certainly take 2 years. It will only be visible and noticeable, after you have already several (also grOße) conflicts in good and productive managed.

Love is warmer, quiet, gentle, deeper and more mature as infestation.


Boy (I'll take on, if not, forgiveness!),

If the luck will give you to experiencing that, believe me, then you have no questions. Nothing and nobody.

If it is given to you, only a small advice: Live without thinking. That does not happen often. If you pass it, you will regret that for the rest of his life.

Do not think, good or wrong, it's life! Nothing else.


If the true love is there, you realize it. Hard to explain, but it's like that. I immediately had the feeling, "It's it!"

Already 12 years, and I hope ES stays like that.

How do you recognize true love?