Why did Annika join such a shitstorm?

2021-08-31 05:03:58 ELLA

I just do not understand why so many people slip off. She hit a horse, that's not great, but there is so much worse. According to the ideology of the people who have criticized Schleu, every person of the meat eats a cruel terrible person. Please clarify me if I should totally forgotten any point, but we are all agreeing, for example, that it's worse to hit a horse than to kill and if anyone eats horse sausage, but it is completely no matter, but one Woman shining shortly on a horse gets the shitstorm of her life.

Apart from that, I also find it terrible that people about this crime so on, because "horses are so incredibleBeautiful intelligent animals are, "but no one takes care of pigs, the thousand times are smarter and it's normal to eat (I am a vegetarian).

Do not understand me wrong, I do not like it good that Schleu has beaten the horse, but that is not exactly this Shitstorm.


But this type of reasoning is already questionable.
Only because B is worse than A, A is not correct.

On the one hand, a shitstorm is nothing, which would be in principle to condemn (is that a criminal offense? Not that I would know - of course there are threats to refrain from, so something can not be punishable, a shitstorm per se is not punishable. You have to expect it, if you know that you are in front of a big audience, and behave like that.

In principle, the rider was completely overwhelmed, and the horse got this off.

This means that you should reconsider this sport from the methodology.
It's not just about this concrete person alone. The riders are under EStandard success, and the horses are often suffering.
Since you have to think something fundamentally (including the coaches are in demand).

And yes, one should also look at the other points you mentioned. Only it is not a good idea to logically link all these things.

Sure, one should also question the mass testing critically (does not change the first-mentioned problem).


Rather, the thousands of people would have to get a giant shitstorm who keep their horse Although it is death ill and suffers.

or those who are acquiring an animal, though they know that they have no money for unforeseen veterinary expenditure.

or those who are here hours and days Discuss, AInstead of finally grabbing her bare and bring it to the vet.

Do not get me wrong - your question sounds aqued together. You meet exactly every cliche that runs you over the way.

But we are all of us agreeing, for example, that it's worse to beat a horse than to kill

Nope, we are not.

As I said - you meet with your PIPI Longstocking Question Pretty much every common cliché.

Incidentally, I am not a vegetarian and do not have it. I have not eaten meat for 2 years, but I was never vegetarian.

It's always soooo if you find no drawer in which you can put someone.

I do not want to that our livestock breeds outbe rotted because man eliminates everything he does not need. So I will continue to eat meat.

I find horses great. With pigs I can not start too much, except I know you personally and I'll take care of it. We think wild boars great, though they simply circulate a person and kill a pretty bad way. Also with the common high-performance cattle I have my difficulties - Braunvieh, on the other hand or Highlands or Eringer I find but fascinating.

Oh - and to answer why the shitstorm against the reigning vice-world champion in the modern five-fight?

Simple. The MOB is stupid. for this reason. and because it has given too few scandals at thisal Olympia and at all - because the eggNSchaltquot on ARD and ZDF is not so high. The whole life insulation uncut have not seen many and most of them who have seen them were unable to analyze the situation technically. And with the camera has held out of a very unfortunate perspective. Well ... with fame, that did not have the films at the films.

As far as the riding situation is concerned, you know safely on the basis of your riding experience, why the horse e.g. has risen.


Hello Paula!

But nobody takes care of pigs, which are more intelligent thousand times and it is normal to eat
I totally agree with you. Especially since the now common mass husbandry is just cruel

but a lotE - Too many people look there or do not worry

As long as people think that animals do not feel, animals need to feel that people do not think.
(Indian wisdom)

Have a nice evening


So it's to be honest to be completely no matter who has beaten which animal, as long as there is no animal baby and in particular no cute Lion Baby was.

I did not even know how the lady is called a shitstorm now again.

But yes ... I think something concerns something like many people are just a bit double-moral on it. As long as the animal is alive and cute, no hair may be curved but as soon as it is on the plate, it does not matter. Do not get me wrong: IUnderstand that too. I think animals too super cute (if not all), but still eat meat. I'm now trying to restrict animals to eat, which I tend to be a little less cute find (chickens, for example), which, however, does not always work ...


That's exactly how something like this Matches a thousand times every day, in a riding school or privateers on the square. Unfortunately, this is not so much ... Many of these riders act from inability to overburden, anxiety or lack of understanding for horse. What I have noticed everything in 22 years old ... Luckily things change, slow, but it's what. Unfortunately not everywhere.

People need for everythingen scooter. If you get upset about this rider, you may feel morally superior. If you are interested in what he himself has on the notpywood.

Why did Annika join such a shitstorm?