Why am I no longer tolerate grass?

2021-08-31 06:02:22 KARA

Previously, I have tolerate it, have also gotten a lot, since about 1 year now I have been as good as I do not have any more because I can not afford it anymore. I always try it about every 1-2. Month if it gets better but Nee. I feel so confused from the head from the head, I will also be mega shy. Physically, I'm also funny, sometimes I also have heart grasses, somebody knows what that is and what I can do about it. Now not misunderstand but sometimes to smoke once a year with pair of friends and make a fun evening I just miss and I do not want to miss my whole remainder


Your body is already sick of it and defends itself. It could happen that the renewed attempt comes to complications and you carry heavy damage from it. Inquire with your family doctor, what he advises to you.


Then they are glad and let it. Your body shows you that you should leave it ..


This is also called with artificial cannabinoiden grass


Maybe you have you Grass Tooks by the meadow.

Why am I no longer tolerate grass?