Attack on Titan Season 1-4 on Crunchyroll?

2021-08-31 08:03:00 FELICIA

Hi, I have just completed a subscription to Crunchyroll because I do not want to look illegally. I had hope that I can look there all the episodes of Attack on Titan and now I see that the 2-4 season in my region is not available. Is there information if this returns or is it forever "way"? Find it very disappointing, because the greatest goal of the subscription was that I can look aot.

Thank you for reading :)


The seasons have never been in the German-speaking area with Crunchyroll, so nothing can be talked here.

Season 1 to 3, the spin-off and the films at Anime on Demand .
Season 4 part 1 at Wakanim .
Season 4 part 2 appears coming winter in Japan.

Since Anime on Demand, Crunchyroll and Wakanim now belong to the same parent company, however, it may be that in the future you will be present all seasons on a platform.


Unfortunately, there are Not all seasons at Crunchyroll. But you could also see that at the app :)


Other countries have Attack on Titan on Crunchyroll. The 4th season of Attack on Titan FINDEST YOU on Wakanim and Season 1-3 at Anime On Demand. As far as I know, but you can also look at ProSiebenMaxx Attack on Titan, but I do not know which season exactly.


Was with me something like that ... comes back once again. .. if I'm not mistaken, there is the first season still on Cr or?

Attack on Titan Season 1-4 on Crunchyroll?