Is it harder to lead a long-standing relationship with someone who had a lot of

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The answer is and falls with the relationship and with the rewrite. The relationship ability can be placed on a hard sample when sex is the most important support of the relationship or scale for the quality of the relationship. Especially in people with frequent sexual partners, the search for a new partner is also to be determined as the demolition of relationships. This does not speak for the relationship of people who have frequent or several sexual partnership changes. If I were now the "new partner" would be interested in the reasons for partner choice and demolition on the one hand, on the other hand, I would be interested in the extent to which the attitude of the person has changed with several sexual partners.


I do not think I was very active in my young years and I think that for my wife has no disadvantages.

She knows that I'm in school, youth work, sports club, studying And pretty much out of the church (everything before their time), when we are traveling in the city and we are addressed by one of their unknown woman or one or the other seller in the supermarket greets me personally with name, then my wife usually asks: " Were you also in the box? " And sometimes I can say no.


The already many sexual partners had ...
  • At men, it is often very good if he has (before a solid relationship) sexually properly "praised", then he has in Einherent relationship even (mostly) no longer the "driving" feeling, (sexual) to miss something or missed something.
  • Of course it may be that he is not "created" for solid relationships at all. After a certain period of time - another (not only sexual) change and also needs a change of location!?

It is best to find it out if you are (daily) with together - living together. Whether he wants to be "sewing" - really lovingly u. Attachments - or already family sense developed, etc.,

All the best for you!

Wendell This is all about yourself. Already alone with questions like: What is the average or what is above average? What are (for diCH) Many or too many sexual partners? ... ERGO, there is no lump sum and universal textbook response, whether it is difficult or not. Personally, I do not want a girlfriend who already had a tens of sex partners and already what I know if he has fallen. But that's my own setting .. Everyone else must decide for themselves. Calvin That's all headache. There are men (I can only rain because I have only relationships with men) that disturb because they are worried that someone else was greater or better or he has a little less experience than she and she is bored or otherwise What. My partner was beginning to start a small problem because he thought thatI may not be loyal because I had some sex partners (I've never betrayed someone) now, after two years, he has dropped completely and it does not matter anymore

Is it harder to lead a long-standing relationship with someone who had a lot of sexual partners, so more than average?