Tampon does hurt?

2021-08-31 23:09:40 STEVEN

Hello I'm 12 and just used a tampon for the first time

I put it so far pure that you can not see it

I use it for the first time and Is that normal Dan bend legs, running and sit down?


Which day are you?

Either you did not get him deep enough, or it's the wrong size, or it rubs too much because you're too dry


You have to push him so far until he is no longer felt, so it should not hurt


That was the first one sometimes with me, try it with smaller


could be at the size of the tampon, or at the depth (vllt, he is not deep enough)


No that's not normal. Either he is too big or he does not sit properly. Sitting crooked and poses where.

Tampon does hurt?