Is corona quarantine a reason for terminating in the probationary period?

2021-09-01 02:05:30 KERRY

Hello, I started a new job (new training) 2 weeks ago. I love it there. This week my school starts the first time and I actually have a seminar (get paid by my new boss, I feel twice as bad ..) And I was so glanced on it ... But now my partner was tested positively Despite multiple negative test, I'm just in quarantine and seats the 14 days degrees. Means I miss both the first school days and the 'enrollment', as well as my seminar ... What's just the elementary is to start this training. Is the Corona quarantine one reason for termination? Because I have probation time .. and am now just 2 weeks now completely out and miss so much important at the beginning ... is the computerSomewhat allowed? Is there any legal at all? Or can my boss just say, he has no buck on it and announces me within this probationary period? Especially because all my colleagues are vaccinated, and I just not, can I imagine that they say, would you have to be vaccinated ... 'Although I know exactly myself I would have been vaccinated now, I would now have to be in the quarantine, you can yes despite Vaccination also be carrier and pass it on. (Am basically not against vaccination, have only so fear of the intramuscular stitch) but back to the question, is the above quarantine reason for termination in the probationary period? Greetings


In the probationary period, you can be terminated at any time without reason, but do not expect the worst. Your boss found it's worse if you fear despite the risk of contagion to work and would endanger the health of your colleagues.


In the probationary period, you can be terminated without giving reasons. Surely that is stupid for your training company, if you precipitate right at the beginning for 14 days, but we have pandemic. It can happen. I do not think that you will throw you out right now.


First of all, all the best for you and your partner. I hope you soon enjoy the vaccination protection.

In the probationary period of training you canat any time can be terminated at any time and ground. You could not do anything against the termination.

Personally, I now find very unfair, quarantine is a quarantine and no personal failure.


Hello, probationary means, one can without information can be terminated by reasons.

Is corona quarantine a reason for terminating in the probationary period?